• Low emissions
  • Low running costs
  • Maximum Euro NCAP safety rating
  • Winner of the Auto Express Green Car of the Year 2016
  • Modifications for better handling and comfort
  • Latest technology for safety and entertainment

New Toyota Prius for sale in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland

Toyota’s new Prius is a step forward in low emission cars, as it has been designed and manufactured solely as a hybrid. The emissions are low, as are the running costs, with electric-only power at low speeds and great fuel economy. The body design has been revamped, as has the interior, with a variety of modifications designed to make the car handle better and the driving experience more comfortable. The Prius comes with an impressive array of the latest safety features as standard, and also puts technological advancement to good use in its infotainment system. This is a quiet, safe and roomy car which is ideal for city drivers, particularly those in London as some models are exempt from the congestion charge. It also comes with an attractive five year warranty.

Toyota Prius Features

Toyota Prius - Low emissions

Low emissions

The Prius’s 1.8 litre petrol engine, combined with its electric motor and CVT automatic transmission keep the emissions down to an impressive 70g/km, leading the Prius to win Auto Express’s Green Car of the Year Award 2016.
Toyota Prius - Low running costs

Low running costs

The Prius runs solely on electric power at low speeds, and the reduced height and lower body weight also keep the running costs down, resulting in fuel economy of 94.1 mpg. Exempt from road tax and the London congestion charge.
Toyota Prius - Latest safety features

Latest safety features

Pre-collision system which recognises vehicles and pedestrians, Lane Departure Alert, Adaptive Cruise Control to keep you at a set distance from the vehicle in front, Lane Departure Alert, seven airbags.
Toyota Prius - Designed as a hybrid

Designed as a hybrid

The new Prius has been conceived solely as a hybrid, so it is designed to accommodate batteries and an electric motor without sacrificing boot space, which is 343 litres, increased to 502 litres by removing the parcel shelf.


Toyota Prius
Toyota Prius
Toyota Prius

More Features

Toyota Prius - Improved performance

Improved performance

The new-shaped body offers improved aerodynamics, with a lighter body, heavier suspension and a lower centre of gravity for improved handling and safety at high speeds and when cornering. Top speed is 111 mph.
Toyota Prius - Technological improvements

Technological improvements

Push-button start, heated and automatically retractable wing mirrors, rear-view camera, LED headlights and rear brake lights with front fog lamps as standard.
Toyota Prius - Towing ability

Towing ability

The new Prius has a towing capacity of 725kg – enough for a trailer or small caravan – with an innovative detachable towing hitch that can be stored in the boot, leaving all the attachment hardware hidden behind the rear bumper.
Toyota Prius - Entertainment and information

Entertainment and information

The new Prius features a touch screen multimedia system which is Bluetooth compatible and includes Sat Nav, and a second screen which displays driver information such as speed and efficiency.

Prius Colours

Toyota Prius - Available in Pure White

Pure White

Toyota Prius - Available in Galaxy Black

Galaxy Black

Toyota Prius - Available in Galactic Blue

Galactic Blue

Toyota Prius - Available in Decuma Grey

Decuma Grey

Toyota Prius - Available in Hypersonic Red

Hypersonic Red

Toyota Prius - Available in Tyrol Silver

Tyrol Silver

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